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Dear Customers, We are delighted to offer the Agency’s consulting and representative services for foreign companies interested in co-operation with Ukrainian companies at any spheres and industries.
Dear Customers,
ACCESSION Agency offers you visit Ukraine. We can arrange your trip in any Ukrainian localities with the purpose of both business and holidays.
ATTENTION! Since the 1st of February, 2012 Accession Agency has worked in telecommuting.


We sincerely welcome you to the ACCESSION Agency!

The Agency is a multi-disciplinary organization that provides high quality services to businesses and individuals in the field of multilingual translation and interpretation, tourism, personnel search and selection, operations as Agency and/or your Representative office in Ukraine, as well as interior & exterior design of the premises of different types.

Translation & Interpretation: means translation and interpretation services of any complexity and subject from/into above 50 world languages, with the right to verify the made translation by the Agency’s seal, as well as to notarize a signature of the translator, interpretation in the course of business negotiations and private talking, including accompanying during vacation and many others closely connecting with foreign languages involving.

Tourism: we are very happy to offer our foreign guests the unique individual tours to the any region of Ukraine with the purpose to both establish business ties and spend vacations. Believe, there are a lot of magnificent and miracle places in this country, its nature is different: from the Black and Azov sea to Trans Carpathian spa and rehabilitation resorts. The rapid development of the 5 to 3 stars well-known European and World hotel chains throughout Ukraine have already allow us to propose you high standard services in order for your complete satisfaction and joy. Our tourist packages include the interesting day sightseeing trips in the major cities of Ukraine, their night life and the picturesque rural localities, where the so-called genuine Ukrainian spirit is vivid and allows feeling yourself a real Cossack and ancient Ukrainian. Our extra services include any type of insurance and services on accommodation, transport and events booking, welcoming services in airport, railway stations and sea and/or river ports, arranging negotiations and meetings, and many others.

Recruiting, Headhunting & Executive Search: includes the top and middle level personnel search and selection based on customer’s requirements. We make a specialty out of employing both specialists – residents of Ukraine who besides knowledge of foreign languages are professionals in various industries and foreign experts having interest to work in the territory of Ukraine or CIS by using own practices and relations gained for above 7 years experience in such a field.

Agency & Representative: when we mean business, we will need the personnel to whose professional opinion, experience and advices we could defer. Thus, taking into consideration this necessity and your interest to have own remote representative office in Ukraine for marketing, researching, understanding, promoting your products and services in Ukraine and/or CIS, to be presented in any events and/or agencies, associations and etc., networking and establishing all and/or certain contacts, we offer ourselves as your representative office in Ukraine and/or CIS.     

Interior & Exterior Design: means unique creating of comfortable accommodation and leisure living space in rooms, apartments, houses and villas including the working space: classrooms, offices, lobbies, etc., restaurants, cafés, bistros, nightclubs and entertainment areas. As the above listed services in this segment we operate within a full range: from the individual concepts’ development to the fragmentary decoration of the separate zones.

If you want to continue the acquaintance with each of these areas, contact us directly by the points specified in Contact section.


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  • Dear Customers, We are delighted to offer the Agency’s consulting and representative services for foreign companies interested in co-operation with Ukrainian companies at any spheres and industries.





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